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Focus is definitely fun! I know you have found your answer but to add some thoughts for posterity...

I've been Watchman since about level 20 and for 9 months. Last night I went back to Combat for Denova Nightmare because we were having trouble beating the 2nd DD instakill. The burst is insane and great in Ops. We went from pushing to clear the second DD to easily beating it. T&Z were also easy to adjust to.

The three main downsides of combat compared to WM in my book:
-definitely notice being squishier, I spent much more of the fight at lower health do to less frequent self-heals
-miss the shorter range on the force leap for running to a target slightly in range
-expect I will miss the 6 second interrupt in some places

Will still probably switch back to WM at times and wish I wouldn't have to redo my gear between respecs.
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