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Hey Ansalem,

I am unfamiliar with what you mean? Can you elaborate? Was there an exploit with mods etc?
yes there was a major exploit that we saw with 1.4 launch that they addressed and you can probably see on the dev tracker from last month. The mod/enh/armoring/barrels/hilt system was set up so you couldn't RE boe items crafted by other players. Well the exploit is that you slide the item into your piece of equipment making it bind and then remove it from the item. It destroys the crafted by and makes it so you can then RE and learn the schematic. On my server Prophecy of the Five pretty much every guild has most of the schematics and it caused a huge influx in the market for the first few weeks. Now the system is crashing because most people are geared out already in full 63 mods. Many players opened bug reports and other reports about people who were knowingly abusing this and since bioware took its sweet time investigating it there were so many players who assumed it was okay that many many players did it. Now Bioware afraid of losing so many customers to bans etc just rolled over and said sorry our bad we will fix this before the next tier of gear comes out and then did not punish any of the offenders. Because of that at least on my server people think they can get away with anything they want now. General chat has turned into a worse version of barrens chat from WOW. The people that ask others to obey the rules get bullied out of chat and off the game because the players think they can do whatever they want now. Complete snowball effect that Bioware should have nipped in the bud.