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11.29.2012 , 05:21 PM | #132
Quote: Originally Posted by Stealios View Post
Found your videos very nice to watch (didn't watch everything, but still quite a bit)

Got one question about your gear though.
Why do you use a few critical augments instead of swapping out a power for a crit mod?
I don't know the diminishing return for crit from willpower, but it seem like an odd choice.

if you get on mr robot or whatever you can work on your build and switch out different mods/enhancements etc...

from what I have seen using any more than 1-2 crit mods/enhancements is not ideal... The most optimized gear seems to be mostly power mods/enhancements. Maybe a couple crit ones... Use crit augments to get up to 25% unbuffed and then the rest power.

It is really just a matter of numbers so it is easy to demonstrate what gearing is the most optimized and I would like to know if anyone has found something better so I can be more optimized as well.