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I just want to say that I am a mitigation tank first more so than anything else. So when I say this I want you to know that I agree with everyone stacking mitigation over endurance. I do not have a single endurance augment other than on my war hero relics. I am a JK guardian tank that has done EC NIM through 3 bosses and should have Kephess soon since we got past trandoshans on our last few attempts and are close.

I have more defense than you and less absorb, but that makes perfect sense because of the difference in classes/stats. When I look at your stats the issue that I have is that I think your HP is too low. As I mentioned I don't stack any endurance and I still have 27,800 hp fully buffed with exo. The reason I tell you this is because no matter how much mitigation you have to be able to give your healers time to react to the damage and get their heals off.

I think you are 1 boss ability too short on hp and that will be the difference between you being alive or dead. The 1.5% absorb you discussed will not save you. Vorgath and Trandoshans especially hit like trucks and so I think you need some more endurance to give your healers some leeway. I know the arguments about mitigation and making your healers heal less....but you are into diminishing returns and I just think that you will take more damage than 24K in a short matter of time and the healers will lose you because their heals won't get off.

Remember the only purpose of HP on a tank is for you to be able to absorb the hits long enough for you to be healed up. My opinion is you are slightly too low on that and the healers will lose you on Vorgath and Trandoshans. Just my two cents from a tank that has been there and that was what your question was about.
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