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Ok, this is officially highly awesome by all accounts. I would have NEVER guessed this project would actually exist..or atleast I assumed it means nothing more relevant than increased amount of things to shoot at in the railshooter mini game. Or multiplayer mode to the railshooter.

It is going to be thoroughly mindblowing if we ever get to see actual proper well made free roaming space in TOR. Hell, it could change what this game is about to many.

This better not be some Peter Molynexian hype over nothing!!!

Op pls provide source of that info. Also pls add the original post the post in your original post originally was a replying post of.. post.

I love it how initial response even to this thread is mostly negative. Some community
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Just to clarify.. stuff OP is linking originates from BW livestream Q&A Coverage that took place earlier today.
Here is the relevant part in full form:

Q: How is the super space project doing? Does it exist?

Schubert: Oh, it exists.

Hickman: I was actually playing what you're talking about yesterday, running through the prototype demo. I wish I could give you details. It's great. It's a departure from our current space game. We have a team dedicated to working on it. But it is far out in the future. You won't hear anything about it any time soon.

Schubert: It is under wraps. It is a lot of fun. It's definitely not anything we've shipped in the original product.

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