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Ive been around since early access and every now and again I would see loot being 'Ninja'd' from players or myself, and yes I would object most of the time, however sometimes I would be a kind person and just brush it off (especially if it was blue gear).Now Swtor has gone F2P, I am astounded how much gear I have been seeing Needed by other players who can't even use the drops; Im talking like a 'Ninja' in every group I get into via group finder (dont give me an ear full that I should play with people I know). There a four types who get under my skin:

1) People who just need everything for the hell of it. (Even green gear)
2) People who say they need it for their companion. (That really really irratates me)
3) People with no mental knowledge of stats. (This I can understand at lower levels such as BT or Esseles, but they dont seem to drop this habbit as they level up)
4) People who end up being the group leader and change the loot rights at the last minute.

I dont usually get this fustrated by other players and I can tolerate a certain amount of it, but this is happeneing every single time I enter a flashpoint ! I dont know if Im just being unlucky or what. I noticed it more at lower levels such as Hammer Station and Athiss; I think I have a total of 14 items being looted from me. In the past I was polite and asked that they trade it with the 'rightful' owner of the loot (thank you Bioware for implementing that), but this only seems to work 2% of the time. Now I just kick them. I knew this kind of thing would happen when it went F2P but I thought the restrictions put in by Bioware would limit it.....

Apparently not...
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