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You do realize that they're pretty much giving away WH in 1..6, right?
There are some that will still need the entry set... so the recruit stuff is still needed, hence my proposal on that, but I am just taking the next logical step in the balancing process, and trying to clean up the mess they(BW) created.

I'm a vet and I spent lots of comms on stuff that is now useless. AMIPISSED?, somewhat; yes. AMIPISSED they are giving out WH gear? Eh, somewhat, but...

"Why is my BM gear obsolete now?"
"Why does recruit gear suck so bad?"
"Why are they giving WH away, since it took me three months to get it?"
"Why do I have to buy a second WH set for EWH optimization?"
"Why is this player have EWH faster than me?"
etc; etc, QQ, QQ,

will all still be complained about gearing post 1.6.
Trying to appease all 4 sides of the aisle(PvE v PvP, Casual v Hardcore), that's all.

With those issues in mind, how would you rate this proposal?
PvP Gear Viability? Read this first.
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