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Not sure if there has been any idea as such, but I would just like to throw it out there. There has been many, many threads/debates about the fictional(IMO) gap in gear between tiers. Most observations tend to boil down to misinformations and theorycrafting, but since there is a debate a problem must exist.

Gear in PvP
Typically gear in PvP does not produce wild outcomes as SWTOR PvP does. One camp says progression is not needed, the other says it most certainly is. Some people want their twinks, some don't but there is one problem. There is "no option" to be "competitive" @ 50 PvP without said twinks, causing butthurt and tears... New released gear continues to increase the gap between fresh/"busy people" and vet/hc/"no life".

Similar debates as above, but muted because the gap in expertise between tiers is not profound. People want it to go away, other people understand why it has to stay, and some work for their advantage and want to keep it. Period. There needs to be some middle ground.

So here is what I propose:

1. Leave in recruit gear, as a free 50 starter set, Add MK6 Augments slots, Buff, YES BUFF, the EXP QTY on it to get it to 1700EXP, and maybe tweak down the main/end stats a bit: The purpose of this is to eliminate the HUGE difference in main stats, but giving enough EXP in order to survive in 50 PVP. The goal should be to get them 7%-10% below(output) EWH(at this stage). They will be replacing it with WH fairy fast anyway, but it will still lack the "moddable" part. It would not be optimal, but the free Augment slot would enable them to buy/craft top level augs and use them in the next tier without having to pay to augment again. This also would not "automatically" give a player an instant PvE set (to keep the "heros" happy). The main stat/end would be equivelent to lvl48ish blues. Of course you can tweak my numbers a bit, but you should get the idea.

2. As you release more PvE gear to handle new content, instead of adding more grinds, move the EXP contribution formula accordingly to stay in line: Yes, buff the expertise formula when a new PvE sets come out. This will give you 100% control on how much of an advantage PvP gear has on PvE gear, BUT keep all the PvP gear tiers in line. Even though you would buff if with each proceeding set of PvE gear, the three sets themselves will stay in line and keep the gap relatively small. TTK will remain close to the same, but raiders will not be able to come in and mop the floor with everyone (which was the case prior to 1.2, where RAK was "better" than BM). This will also eliminate the "dice rolling" that is removing mods from gear. The only time you should change stat allocation is on unmoddable gear(recruit). That's it....

3. Eliminate the trade-in requirements or add loose items like PvE has: This one of the biggest beefs from players from a time perspective. Put a premium comm price on loose pieces, just like CAMP Armorings. It will help people play the way "they" want to play, without being gimped for weeks at a time because of a trade-in requirement (which might change at the next patch).

4. Allow players to trade in the Legacy PvP gear for comms or real amounts of credits/cartel coins: Another easy fix. You allow the trading in of legacy comms, why not legacy gear? This would appease a TON of Vets, that feel like they are being punished with the rule changes, and help eliminate some of the feelings that you are catering to casuals. Even a slight ROI on Champ/BM/Cent/Rec gear would help them get over the changes. It would smooth out the transition to a more balanced PvP.

I think these would put the gear debate to rest once and for all.

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