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To be fair, how many of the CE players... still play? There numbers were limited right from the start due to limited supplies, they do had dropoffs. Eventually that makes it less interesting for a company to keep developing stuff for them.

They can make it more meaningful by making the CE vendor a DDE vendor, as that pool can keep on growing. However, previous rewards for DDE players even suggested as being the same as CE never really picked up well either. Of the few CE players out there, there tends to be a high level of entitlement believing they ought to be treated as better customers because they paid more, without taking into account the extra physical products obtained.

So well yeh, if I were BioWare I'd simply pass on that too. Expand the CE vendor bit by bit by adding a few items with expansions, but nothing more really. I wouldn't be expecting any more than that if I were you either.
I was mostly poking a tad of fun at the "CE should mean we get all things free foreverALLOFIT" crowd.