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11.29.2012 , 04:02 PM | #5
Strictly visually speaking, I can agree that Project has not the same feel than before, but Force Wave is fine.

Maybe they could change a bit the movement that our Consular does when doing Force Wave, but I don't miss the jump...
I mean, if I wanted to jump bump, I could do it myself manually. The jump was really the "too-much-thing" for me.
It's the kind of thing that look cool first, but because it's not a move that's necessary and looks like acting (does he really have to jump before generating a wave which emits from his body and not from the shock with the floor ?), it gets old pretty fast and then it's boring as hell.
Now, about the movement... I'd prefer they would do the same "hand push" that Knghts does or rather similar to Inquisitor's Shock for better timing instead of the "BOO ! Ah, you're all scared !" move with the arms.

Now, mechanicly speaking, their change are good.