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Sith Lifebinder says it reduces the cool down of Revive by 100% but I can't find any Sith ability that is called Revive what does it do and when do you get it I assume its a healing ability?
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Revive is the out of battle reviving if someone, not to be mistaken with the level 50 skill to raise back someone in fight, reanimation.

Normally, you can revive one person per hour. All classes with a healer tree can revive as many people as they wish.

Its a consideration when on a party, if it was lets say a tough battle and everyone is down safe ONE person that the revive be spent on someone who has no cd on his so he can raise the two others. Avoid spending a medical probe for f2p players as well. A must in flashpoints where you otherwise have to go back to area start.

The skill itself is in general ability, but just clicking on dead people automatically triggers it.