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11.29.2012 , 03:21 PM | #1
Am I the only one who thinks warzone Hutball makes the whole game worth paying the subscription...
Atleast for me it's the most fun thing in the game. Not just old boring CTF but passing also, etc...
But I want more.

But my point is, new arena map...

I am getting a bit tired of the same tactics, wins and failures, a new Hutball arena map would be welcome addition.
I do recognize that this is probably on the works already and coming soon, but i would like to offer a suggestion how it could be, or maybe the next one.

BALL shaped map:
-You play against the other team INSIDE a ball shaped huge room.
-Room is filled with traps and is inbuilt with same kind of ladders that go upwards level by level.
-Both team start at the opposite sides of the ball shaped arena, a spawn room and door to the inside arena.
-Ball default is in the bottom of the room, where teams have to drop down and try to pick the ball up.
-Goal is to get upward by any means necessary, to the roof of the room, get to the highest ladder and top area.
-Players can be dropped down from highest level all the way down.
-Good sniping positions to the sides of the arena at different levels, that cannot be just run to, no access to middle.
-Ladders should be built going up from sides to middle and back up to the side, then to hi up middle and to goal area.
-Layers from bottom to top: bottom< sides< middle< sides< top and ladders connecting them.

At least i can dream...

But if anyone else have better suggestions, i would love to read about it here.