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We have no one to blame but ourselves. BW didn't just wake up one day and say forget that people complained about it.

I remember a thread not to long ago started by someone (can't find it right now) who got killed in Anchorhead. They wanted it changed so Imps couldn't get there. There was a bunch of opinions going both ways but I guess more people said it was a game killer on the nerf side.

If you look around the General Discussion forum you will see a lot of posts that use the words "force me to PvP" quite a bit. They hated Section X because, surprise, everyone was there trying to get HK. They hated going into Outlaws Den for the parts. They get upset about the events because they have to PvP occasionally.

Let's not forget the most populated servers for this game are the PvE servers. If enough of those guys ask for something the devs will give it to them. Not to say there aren't good PvPers on those servers but I would guess the majority of the people there don't PvP at all.

TLR - This is a PvE game. "Exploits" like this will get eliminated to appease the PvE crowd.
Lets also not forget at launch the most populated servers were PvP. They screwed over the PvP players and continue to do so.