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11.29.2012 , 02:48 PM | #1
Hello everyone! Quick disclaimer: I am uber-new to online gaming and MMO’s in general, so forgive me if my knowledge is not up to par for the gaming community. I have read tons of posts before I decided to play SWTOR. I have to say, being only level 20 as of today, I am having a blast!! I decided 3 days ago, based on what I read, to make only 1 republic toon (a commando) and 1 imperial toon (Sith Sorcerer). From what research I have done, the overall consensus from my reasurch is to limit the number of toons you create inorder to reduce leveling burnout, gearing grind burnout and overall grinding lulls.

Being new, I want to play all the races and classes this game has to offer. But, I want to also keep playing this game for a long time to come. As most new players, I want to experience this game to its fullest! My hope is that you “the community”, would use this thread to offer up positive and helpful suggestions or advice to new player ”such as myself” or players just new to SWTOR to be able to enjoy this wonderful game to its absolute fullest.

Thank you for any input!!