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Will non-subscribers be able to have more than just two character slots per account in the future? Or at least have the option to buy more slots with Cartel Coins?
I would like to know this plus why restrict the number of characters you can make per account? There's 8 servers now instead of 20+ from launch. From what people have been posting on this forum most are dead mainly because you only allow 2 characters per account. Adding more servers won't solve the problem.

And another question, why can't you make a 4th tier of membership between the Preferred Members and Sub Members so the people that bought the game from launch either Collector's Edition or Digital Deluxe have slightly less restrictions. Having paid $60+ for the game and an additional $15 per month for however long doesn't seem fair to have many of features and characters locked out. Bumping them to only Preferred status and putting them in the category of new players that just spend $5 just doesn't feel right to me. People that paid for the game at launch should have the features unlocked that came with the game. For instance the hot bars and the hide headslot both were in the game from the start, why charge for it now?