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Exactly. Wouldn't mind an entirely new warzone that was a pure deathmatch, it could even involve the Hutts, such as a spectacle for them to watch in a big arena (think gladiator-style, ancient Rome) wouldn't be called Huttball since there would be no ball. But keep the current Huttball warzone itself an actual ball game, like its name implies. It's already bad enough that most players treat that warzone as if it had no objectives other than killing everything in sight and being completely oblivious to player roles and strategy, as a ball game requires.
Well the obvious problem as I see it with Huttball is over half the players already treat it as a deathmatch anyway, so in large part pugs are a nightmare to play Huttball in, it requires coordination of your team mates, more so than the other WZs by far.

Even the players that love Huttball have to concede that point. And you won't change the player base, most pugs will treat it as a deathmatch, that's just a fact, so my point was why not just make it into a deathmatch since it would tie into the SW lore better anyway.
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