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I apologize Beni, I really do, but I must say one last thing regarding the Kaggath rule: They must fight to the death! I know you've already made a decision (and I totally respect your decision). With that in mind, I'll say it:

If this Kaggath rule forces a Kaggath participant into making a decision they would otherwise note make, isn't the rule flawed? Don't we need to represent these characters as best we can?

The truth is this: As impossible as Malachor V is to attack, Revan wouldn't attack it. As I've said, he'd send a strike team in, they'd go nuts, and he'd realize the uselessness in attacking. So Revan wouldn't attack. The only reason he'd end up attacking is because the Kaggath rules state that somebody has to die. I mean, if this rule is what forces Revan to make a poor decision now, then why didn't the rule force Traya to engage Revan in a legit space battle with all of her forces. The truth is, neither of these scenarios are fair, seeing as how neither of the characters would end up making the decisions to get into these scenarios. I feel that a draw/stalemate is the most logical/fair outcome.

I know you've already made your decision, but had to say this one last thing. Regardless of you answer, I've enjoyed this battle very much and I greatly enjoy these Kaggath matches you've set up for us.
This is exactly what I was thinking as I read through these last few pages. For some reason Revan is bound to launch a foolhardy assault as per the rules, but Kreia is exempt from having to do the same. She is allowed to fortify a position in the most defendable location in existence, which only works because Revan is FORCED, through no choice of his own, to attack it.

The real result of this war, assuming Revan's hand isn't forced, is that Kreia is a prisoner. That's victory right there, imprisoning the enemy leader and high command. The planet is blockaded, and since Kreia has no way to escape, she is imprisoned on an inhospitable planet with Sith of dubious loyalty, while Revan can do whatever the hell he wants now.