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The server is doing better in terms of general population, but it remains poor in the areas of:
  • Group Finder - Queuing for HM Flashpoints or even sub-50 Flashpoints will still result in long queue times unless you're a healer or have a healer/tank combo.
  • Warzones - Non-ranked warzones pop frequently, sure, but haven't you noticed it is really the same people driving this during prime time each night? And it's not a big pool of people, either.
  • Ranked Warzones - If not for the scheduled nights we have, this may not exist. And even then, who shows up outside of the 3-4 same guilds on the Republic side when they do show up?

So yes, F2P has increased our population some. Also, some old subscribers are back to partake in the new content and it seems everyone has created a character on the opposite faction to get high enough level for the HK quest (reason there are so many on Drommund Kaas and Coruscant). But as far as level 50 "end-game" content goes, things really haven't changed.
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