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This might have been an adequate response five or so years ago. However, this is 2012, and your customer base is used to a knowledge base approach rather than a list. Please create a section of the knowledge base for known issues and relabel the "known issues" as "hot issues" and refer people to the knowledge base for what are truly "known issues."

It will save you and the player base a lot of grief, and retain significant player good will over what you've squandered on this sort of thing in the last year.

You don't need to let us into your scrums or bugtracker, but put *something* in a section of the knowledge base in concert with what you describe above, and you'll save in CSR time, forum heat, and retention.

Respectfully and with great love for the game,
Shava Nerad
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Lulz. Gotta love that self-aggrandized posturing.
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And finally, sitting through this video is like watching a 6 year old bash his own head in with a frying pan.. just not as entertaining.
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