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Thank you very much for the advice. This definitely helps but I still don't know where to get the mission at initially! Also, I've always just used the general chat to get groups together. How do I use the group finder? I saw another thread while looking for answers to these questions that mentioned checking a box in order to get the daily comms also. What does this mean and how does it work?
At about 10:00 on the mini-map is a little icon of 3 (?) people. Open that and select your role and the storymode operations. Hit queue and when a group is available you'll get a pop up window. You can teleport directly to the mission start at this point.

You can get the quest from the PVE terminal on the fleet stations. It's in the outer ring near the PVE gear vendors. You'll also get a reward (commendations) for doing it via group finder automatically, as long as you do a "random" operation or flashpoint (there are only 2 operations available via group finder).

Prior to queuing, you should look up the basics of hte fights either on a site like Dulfy/Iwipe's or watch some tutorials on Youtube (Elite Gaming raid guides are pretty good). The boss fights aren't especially hard, but they do require you to know the mechanics. If you don't know the fight mechanics it'll be MUCH tougher. If you are a tank, it is even more important that you know the mechanics as you tend to be "driving" the action.