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11.29.2012 , 01:59 PM | #121
1. When will we get the free name changes (for subscribers) that is advertised on the website.

2. Will we ever be able to hide dead/obsolete currency. i absolutely hate having to scroll down over and over to see the pvp currency. And when will that be implemented. New characters i create.. i purposefully do not pickup planet comms bcz of this, and im sure thats not what you guys intended.

3. You want the pvp gear gap to go away. Why not just sell the gear blank and sell the mods on their own. That will save you guys time on itemizing and allow you to focus on creating new armor sets. and let us min/max.

So you start with recruit gear. And you buy and mod your own replacements. I really feel this will be a time saver and the people who grind out the wh then ewh gear wouldnt be so mad when the next step of gear comes out. as you could instantly start upgrading to the new mods (since they would obviously be cheaper then a full piece of gear). As of right now, you grind the gear. then you grind other gear, to pull out those mods to min/max/optimize.
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