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1. Revan's fleet outnumbers the Sith fleet. Like, by a lot. So why are you assuming that a) Revan would for some reason be unprepared to be attacked by ships and b) take heavier losses in his massive fleet than the Sith would with their much smaller fleet? It makes no sense.

2) "Assassins sneak onboard a couple of Revan's ships". How? In the scenario you gave, they can't just "sneak" on as they would need ships to do so, and ships are not as invisible as the assassins. So a lot of assassins die trying to get their ships onto Republic ships, and even then, Revan knows SOMETHING is up since nothing seems to come out of the boarding party ships.

3) "the assassins have taken control of multiple frigates". Again, how? The takeover of the ship we saw in KOTOR 2 took a while, and tons of people on these ships are going to have plenty of time to report that some **** is going down before the Assassins have control of the ship. Which gives Revan options of sending his own men into the ships to clear out these assassins, or simply shoot his own ships down if he thinks it'd be better use of his resources.

For some reason people seem to think these Assassins are some sort of trump card that wins the battle for Kreia, but their strength lies in the shadows, and choosing their battles. If Revan is forcing a direct engagement in which the assassins need to board Revan's ships while in space, while Revan is anticipating boarding parties...then there goes surprise, their MAIN advantage.

If taking over multiple Republic ships was so easy to do, these assassins would have DONE that already in KOTOR 2, taking over Republic ships that wouldn't be expecting it, and not full of battle ready troops. But given that they didn't, we can pretty much assume it's not as easy as some people are making it out to be. The only ship we DO see them take is alone, not full of soldiers, not exactly battle prepared, brought a derelict ship onboard (which is what let the assassins into the ship in the first place), and they had Darth Sion with them as well. So essentially the absolute ideal situation for them.

And what indication do we have that these assassins know how to operate massive Republic ships? They certainly didn't capture the one from KOTOR 2 and add it to the Sith fleet, did they?
Isn't it awesome that I created a scenario that was as unlikely to work as Revan bombarding Malachor?

And besides, Beni ended the debate and is prepared to declare the winner.
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