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So alot of people are resubbing which is fantastic. Since server transfers are being rumored of not coming out for a LONG time it is our responsibility to rebuild this server. I propose that as a server... yes im saying as a server.. we all get together on illum. This is on a Monday and will take place at 7 pm eastern standard time (6 pm central time). People need to get there guilds to come. The republic will commit to this. However it seems the sith are disorganized, prove me wrong. We've tried this in the past and it has fallen through because people think this is about guild superiority. Im saying right here and now that this isn't about being a better guild at pvp or being better organized and geared. Throw all of that of the window. For 1 hour I challenge the players of Jung Ma to show up and enjoy the game for what it is. Dont come because your guild is going; come because you care about the unity of this server. I will be there and if I am the only one who goes... at least I can say that I did something that helped this server. I believe that we can do this because despite the competition, trash talk, ranked warzone, comparing raid times; we generally enjoy having this game and the players in it. Im not someone for going all out on the forums but when someone needs to step up im willing. We have a real oppertunity here and we can make it happen.

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