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the republic side could also be with the lost jedi following him instead of or with the revanites, and i hate how much malgus is around, they focus even more on him then the emperor himself, and malgus isn't even all that important, hes just some darth that lead a few battles in the war, he isn't on the dark council, he has no connection to the emperor. so why is he here?bioware used him for a focus because they either didn't have or where too stupid to use anyone else. it makes no sense why he's so important.
I take it you didnt reach ilum yet? Malgus has an intersting story arch, also i bet they are keeping things in reserve about the emperor for the future of the game.
But i get what you saying.

About Revan as much i like him, bringing him back, or making canon facts of of this nature either of the exile as well was a big mistake.
Bringing him back one more time... is bucthering his legacy one more time imo.
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