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Alright. You make a good point. So Revan sends a few men to Malachor to find that the go insane. What does he do? He doesn't attack.

Stalemate. That's generous. If Malachor V is so impossible to infiltrate (which Revan will learn through observation and by sending a few men down) the Revan won't infiltrate it. He will sit there and grow a beard.

Given the right circumstances, a stalemate is possible. But it also gives Traya time to make plans. Remember: Apathy is death! Traya would see Revan's plan as a weak one and exploit it. While the blockade makes leaving nearly impossible, a stalemate is difficult to maintain. Revan has to keep a fleet at Malachor in order to keep a stalemate. This comes down to Traya finding a way to exploit Revan's strategy. I can't think of way, but I'm sure the Force would show her what to do.
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