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11.29.2012 , 12:18 PM | #24
When we had the instant DI mobility wasn't such a problem- every 6 seconds you could get an instant heal. Losing that alone killed our healing mobility and thus our survivability as healers or hybrids until the stun bubble came and made lightning hybrids the norm- problem is, they've said they're nerfing the stun bubble, and if past examples of BW nerfs to this class are any example, this nerf is going to to be heavy handed, unfair and offer us zilch in return.

Right now we simply are not being treated like other classes (except maybe mercs)- I mean, look at thundering blast. It does crap damage, it has an auto crit to it in a tree that you need high crit for already, and even with the auto crit is barely worth having.

It's a single target, 2 second cast, 9 second CD ability with a set up... that hits like a wet noodle- you can't even break 5k with it. Compare that to the center of the rage tree- an auto crit smash that crits for 7k, some people have seen up to 10k but I assume that's on pve geared folks- it regularly crits above 5k at the least though... and it's aoe, without much longer of a CD.

Why can't what should be our best lightning ability, that is single target and has a cast time- do the same damage if not more than an instant aoe?

Our burst damage is simply terrible, that needs a fix. Our healer mobility and survivability in general without the stun bubble is garbage- that needs a fix.

It's just disappointing that BW ignores us for over half a year- yet caters to every little thing marauders ask for, and are now planning to nerf us because marauders are whining about the stun bubble. I just don't get how they can be this one sided- it's absurd.