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There's one fatal flaw in this. You are under the impression that Traya is the only one who can sustain herself with the Dark Side. That's wrong. Pretty much all Sith and Jedi can enter a trance that can sustain themselves against hunger and dehydration. Starving doesn't work. Which means your little plan here falls apart.

Not only that, but the electrical storms make operating machinery difficult. Uneven terrain makes artillery even more ineffective. Not only that, but the electrical storms and intense gravity make landing incredibly difficult and would destroy most ships.

Revan does not win.
OK so they can go into a trance? Well if they do this, then during their trance, (oh by the way all of her regular soldiers WOULD die by starvation) they won't be able to effeciently mobilze for a ambush when Revan arrives. So they'll be totally unprepared when the battle comes.

So the best thing that can happen for Traya is this: stalemate. Either that, or Revan charges in with his men and slaughters the upprepared Sith. You can't be in a trance and defend yourself at the same time.

The thing is, Revan is gonna have all the time in the world, while Traya and her Sith are busy being in a trance. This gives Revan a abundance of time to plot. He wins.

This isn't gonna be some D-Day battle. It's not gonna be like storming Normandy. Revan is gonna land, have all the time in the world to plan, and either chip away Traya's forces, or just slaughter them.