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4. Revan will begin a long-term assault as somebody pointed out earlier. He'll take his time, being very careful with any beasts, traps, and ambushes. This process will be executed as slowly and as safely as possible. Revan will be sending Jedi and what few combat droids he has to Malachor's surface. Revan wins.
You left out one massive thing, Malachor would twist a lot of those Jedi to the Dark Side, You also underestimate the Dark Side itself, Sith can easily go without feed or drink or sleep as long as the rage of the Dark Side is within them.

Traya herself could corrupt Revan and his Jedi and win the war without any real consequence, A Dark Side nexus like Malachor V is way too much for a Jedi to resist, even a master would struggle, all the Jedi but the Exile turned when they went to Malachor V, it would be an enormous advantage.

You also aren't accounting for Traya's ability to perceive shatterpoints and adjust her plans accordingly.