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OK so you claim bombardment will be ineffective for the most part. This is debatable, but for the most part, I guess you're right.

But Revan WILL end up surrounding Malachor V. Once he has the planet blockaded, he'll do the following things:
1. He's gonna wait 'em out. Seriously, this wins the battle here. I imagine Traya can survive without food through the force, but her students will be incapable of this. So Revan starves them out.
2. He's gonna scan the planet. If this doesn't work, he'll send in scouts. He's got an endless amount of time at this point, so he WILL aventually find the Trayus Academy.
3. Once he finds the Academy, he'll bombard it. You made the point that this won't do much, but Revan can likely chew down a few of their numbers by doing this. Won't do a whole lot, but it'll do some damage.
NOTE: Everything that happens after this point likely won't happen because Traya's forces will starve.
4. Revan will begin a long-term assault as somebody pointed out earlier. He'll take his time, being very careful with any beasts, traps, and ambushes. This process will be executed as slowly and as safely as possible. Revan will be sending Jedi and what few combat droids he has to Malachor's surface.
5. He does some more starving and sets up artillery and does everything imaginable to weaken the Trayus Academy.
NOTE: At this point: 90% (that's generous) of Traya's forces are dead.
Revan + most of his Revanites + combat droids vs Traya alone

Revan wins.
There's one fatal flaw in this. You are under the impression that Traya is the only one who can sustain herself with the Dark Side. That's wrong. Pretty much all Sith and Jedi can enter a trance that can sustain themselves against hunger and dehydration. Starving doesn't work. Which means your little plan here falls apart.

Not only that, but the electrical storms make operating machinery difficult. Uneven terrain makes artillery even more ineffective. Not only that, but the electrical storms and intense gravity make landing incredibly difficult and would destroy most ships.

Revan does not win.
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