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is it jsut me or are you keyboard turning and backpadeling through the whole video?
ok im getting confused here..

Im not trying to be hater, and i do appreciate everyone that makes movies because in the end that's an awesome contribution for the community, but the author must be open to criticism also

I never played shadow/assa at 50 so i cnat say i know all the dos and donts.But i cant see all this "skill" people are referring too.

Again, i dotn ahve a good opinion about the majority of the swtor pvp comunity..lets say, they are the kind that shouts "SKILL OMG" at high crit movies...(i have seen it in Smash crit videos..)

But, apart form the constant backpadeling and what appears to be keyboard turning+some clicking( and lets say these allready take some points out of you)..What exactly "skilled" did he do"?like..did he performed any out of the ordinary skill moves...demonstrated good positioning..outplayed people? or did he just damaged(and given his gear..outdamage people)

again, not tryint to be a hater, obviously an above average player(there are pretty bad players out there) just trying to be a bit more critic because in the end you are helping the community and i just want it to be more..hmm..competitive(lets not have it like WOW where average players achieve godmode status due to fanboys and completely overrated movies, like swifty for example)