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OK, I'm not going to make too much of an argument just point out a few flaws:

1. Chemical warfare is allowed but seeing as Revan has shown no possession of chemical weapons it is not apart of his power base and therefore cannot be used.

2. No, the MSG is not active and cannot be activated. I think you misintpreted when I spoke of this, when I mean you can't turn it 'off' I meant its effects can't be stopped. Even after its activated its the mass shadows continue to remain around Malachor causing its instable gravity - so ships could only stay there for a small amount of time.

3. Orbital bombardment is possible, but not if you don't no what to bombard. The Trayus Academy is a tiny speck on Malachor's surface and Revan does not know its exact location. I'm going to make an assumption here but I expect electrical storms would prevent Revan's scanning the planet for the Academy. And while he could scour the planet with the Force, both the dark side and Traya herself would cloud him vision. Sending ground forces is the only option.

4. Defections are unlikely. A majority of Traya's forces are mindless sith who have been become enslaved to the dark side. Whats more Malachor doesn't exactly have holoprojectors, how is Revan going to trasmit this message? However many Sith are more autonomous and while they would never join Revan, they would flee the battle (however they have no where to go - so a fight to the death is likely)

5. Just to address a non-Battle of Malachor related topic. People seem to think the Jedi's devotion to Revan will stop them from falling. Wrong. Traya's isn't going to bribe you, she's going to torture and force you into submission with the overwhelming power of the dark side - as Revan did in the JCW and she did during the First Jedi Purge - its tried and proven. (e.g. Remember Bastila? She was turned without Malachor, and had no motives for joining Malak)

6. Revan cannot throw debris at Malachor, lol. This isn't that 2D Clone Wars series. And on the topic of unorthodox orbital bombardment - the gravity of Malachor would prevent ships from crashing into the academy, they would have no control over their path. May I also add that the Trayus Academy is submerged into Malachor's crust. It survived the Mass Shadow Generator! And thousands of ships being smashed against the planets surface! It can survive a brief orbital bombardment.

Basically orbitally bombarding the most inorbitally bombardable planet in the galaxy is not a sound tactic. Open ground warfare however is

However there are three things I'd like you to consider on that point:

Storm Beasts
Electric Storms
Poisonous Vents
OK so you claim bombardment will be ineffective for the most part. This is debatable, but for the most part, I guess you're right.

But Revan WILL end up surrounding Malachor V. Once he has the planet blockaded, he'll do the following things:
1. He's gonna wait 'em out. Seriously, this wins the battle here. I imagine Traya can survive without food through the force, but her students will be incapable of this. So Revan starves them out.
2. He's gonna scan the planet. If this doesn't work, he'll send in scouts. He's got an endless amount of time at this point, so he WILL aventually find the Trayus Academy.
3. Once he finds the Academy, he'll bombard it. You made the point that this won't do much, but Revan can likely chew down a few of their numbers by doing this. Won't do a whole lot, but it'll do some damage.
NOTE: Everything that happens after this point likely won't happen because Traya's forces will starve.
4. Revan will begin a long-term assault as somebody pointed out earlier. He'll take his time, being very careful with any beasts, traps, and ambushes. This process will be executed as slowly and as safely as possible. Revan will be sending Jedi and what few combat droids he has to Malachor's surface.
5. He does some more starving and sets up artillery and does everything imaginable to weaken the Trayus Academy.
NOTE: At this point: 90% (that's generous) of Traya's forces are dead.
Revan + most of his Revanites + combat droids vs Traya alone

Revan wins.