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Have I not explained 1,000 times that Revan wins the space battles? Sure this hit and run stuff you speak of is affective, but these aren't tactics that are unfamiliar to Revan.

I thought we'd come to the conclusion that Revan is gonna end up surrounding Malachor V?

But you're right to an extent. Traya's warfare will inflict some casulties on Revan, so he's not gonna be surrounding Malachor with 100% of his forces. But he'll have most of them.
You are correct that Revan will end up surrounding Malachor. My scenario showed Revan's first attempt at a bombardment. He wouldn't bring in all of his forces until he knew the planet was clear of an enemy presence. The first assault was beaten, but that doesn't mean Revan doesn't have any more ships. He has plenty of ships to bring in, but I don't think bombardment is possible.

The electrical storms would make locating the Academy nearly impossible, not only that, but the Academy is imbeded into the surface. It's not just sitting there like a normal Academy. It's roots run deep, the Trayus Core sits in a well of Dark Side energy. A simple bombardment is not going to sufficiently damage the Academy.
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