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A interesting point, would Traya have the Forces to spare? Perhaps. Revan could probably overwhelm her with superiors numbers - but that's if you believe Traya wins the space battle. I say they tear each other apart. Traya would be ready though - the dark energies on Malachor do give her foresight.

P.S. This is becoming an even more interesting debate - I'm still undecided about the outcome.
If you are referring to her take over of several Republic ships, you bet she has enough Assassins. The Triumvirate had a ton of assassins (a thousand I think). I'm thinking she sends ten or twenty to each ship and takes over four ships. The surprise of having your own ships fire on you and then another fleet come in will cause confusion. Either way, I think Traya will win the space battle, but at a heavy cost. The battle costs both sides heavily, making a ground assault Revan's only real option. Traya knows this and will summon the power of Malachor to make every step his forces take a living nightmare.

The troops will be overwhelmed by the power of the Dark Side, seeing hallucinations the soldiers discharge their weapons randomly and then commit suicide as the nightmares grow in intensity. Jedi will be corrupted, their connection to the Light Side diminished, making them easy prey for Traya's assassins. I find it unlikely Revan will get far, but if he does make it to the Academy, he faces an army of Sith. I don't see Revan getting to the Trayus Core, but if he does, he will lose.
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