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This talk of bombardment is foolish at best. If we are under the impression that Revan knows Traya is at Malachor, then Traya knows he is coming.

As soon as Revan's fleet comes out of hyperspace, they begin the bombardment. They aim wildly in an attempt to hit the Academy. Suddenly, the Triumvirate fleet comes out of hyperspace behind Revan's fleet. Caught off-guard, Revan's fleet takes heavy losses as they turn to engage the enemy fleet. But by the time they turn around, the enemy has vanished. But not before Assassins sneak onboard a couple of Revan's ships.

The bombardment resumes, but suddenly, multiple Haamerhead frigates fire upon their allies. The Assassins have taken control of multiple frigates and are firing on the Republic ships. But then the Triumvirate fleet returns. The Assassin ships and the Triumvirate fleet quickly defeat the Republic fleet.

Revan doesn't get a chance to bombard the Academy.
A interesting point, would Traya have the Forces to spare? Perhaps. Revan could probably overwhelm her with superiors numbers - but that's if you believe Traya wins the space battle. I say they tear each other apart. Traya would be ready though - the dark energies on Malachor do give her foresight.

P.S. This is becoming an even more interesting debate - I'm still undecided about the outcome.

EDIT: Aurbere! Stop making stuff up! I never said orbital bombardment was ruled out, I just believe in my opinion that is is nigh impossible. But that's my opinion there and that has the same value as anyone else. What is law will be declared in big capital letters!