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Great vid. I'm lvling a Shadow atm. I enjoy playing the class. My big reason for playing is to see which is "better" (opinion here)... concealment or deception/infiltration.

As of right now on my oper I seem to have the edge on equaly geared deception/infiltration. He is only 1/2 geared WH w/no min/max. My full EWH deception guildie and I have some very fun fights. He takes off a piece of gear or two to lvl our stats Most of the time the duels are won/lost in three ways

1. When he chains crits on the 4k+ damage attacks it's hard for me to keep up if defensive cooldowns aren't going my way

2. Long fights that could go either way but someone has to win.

3. Easy win, if I time (and get lucky) on my CCs/Dots. I'm able to 8sec mezz and heal 1/2-3/4 of my health. Or have time to mezz, 1 heal, explosive probe, orbital strike then backstab to break mezz It's quite the burst

Have you run into any min/max opers? I've love to watch a vid of those fights.
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