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Do you know how long the Great Hyperspace War took? Because in the comic it seems to take only a few days, maybe weeks. Which seems a bit short, compared to how destructive it is described.

Also, do you know what exactly happend to the remaining Sith afterwards? I have heard two different theories: either most Sith ritually killed themselves or they were killed by Republic troops.
The Great Hyperspace War laster less than a year I think. It is testament to Naga Sadow's ferocity to cause such damage in such a short amount of time. It lasted between a few days to a few months and cost many lives.

Many of the remaining Sith were killed at the planet we now know as Nathema by a Sith Lord called Vitiate. The remaining Sith followed Vitiate to Dromund Kaas to rebuild their Empire, which was later discovered by Revan and Alek before the Jedi Civil War.
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