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Ok so since I personally think bioware butchered revan in swtor, I think its only right to put him to rest with a bang.
So my idea would to bring him back in a new flashpoint or Op. With the story being that at the end of the foundry when he disappears in the flash of light, he actually uses fold space to escape death. Then while being thought dead, He was slowly collecting his strength back to peak form while delving further into the darkside due to the taint from being imprisoned and mindphucked by Vitiate. So playing on how Revan was seen at the end of the foundry (Crazy+Dark) he aims to continue on with his plans of destroying the emperor and eradicating the sith.

So Revan gathers a huge army of followers using his famed charisma/leadership and gains allies of rebellious sith (humans,aliens-none with traces of Sith DNA) Revanites, and even Recruits Mandalore and the mandalorians (who don't trust the emperor anyways and want to break away from the sith and respect Revan enough to do it.)

All the meanwhile the emperor is still recovering his energy from the battle with the jedi champion so is in no position to oppose any of this atm so uses his Wrath and Dark council members to deal with Revan. Revan then wages total war on dromund kaas with Mandolorian Basilisk flying over head. Large lightsaber battles between loyal emperors sith and Revans followers. Which ends with Revan taking over Kaas City and the emperors throne room in which he holds and waits for a response from the emperor.

Thus Brings a Tier 2 HM/ or preferably OPS that has the emperor send his Wrath,council member NOX, cipher 9, and the Great hunt champion ect. to destroy him once and for all.

Which would have you fight bosses leading up to Revan such as (mandalore the Vindicated, Maybe a traitor Dark council member-Decimus/Ravage? , And maybe 1 other boss I can't think of.

Then you would arrive to Revan (in his darth outfit+mask) get a cool lil cutscene before you fight. Then while fighting the game should have Revan show his full array of attacks such as (keeping large OPS in mind) Massive force storms,Whirlwinds,force choke group ccs similar to malgus, Telekenisis Boulder throws, force heal himself, to name a few.

And when he enrages maybe he can pull out a second saber and go into Jar'Kai style with his Purple/Red Saber?

All this just came together as i was typing so of course bioware can clean it up a bit and make it fit with the story/canon but i think this would be a fitting death for the most iconic character in my opinion from the old republic era.

what do you guys think?

EDIT: Couldn't really think of a way to fit in the pub version of this FP/OP so maybe you guys could (not that i would care if they got one or not) lol IMPS UP!
You want Revan to survive the Foundry to... kill him again?
"I was one of many. We were servants of the dark side… Sith Lords, we called ourselves. So proud. In the end we were not so proud. We hid… hid from those we had betrayed. We fell… and I knew it would be so."
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