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Good points im seeing a heavy onesided leaning towards Malgus so il play devil's advocate. Game mechanics dont prove a characters power necesarily. Thats basically saying since it takes 8-16ppl to kill Kephess then hes stronger than Malgus since it only takes 4. Does that mean Kephess is btr than Malgus. No thats just a game mechanic of an OP compared to a FP. A few points on Baras, he was so powerful that he convinced the DC that he had the Emperor in side of him. There also might be evidence that he made deals with Sel Makor to augment his power but this is merely speculation. On a note he easily beat Darth Angral with lightning whom was holding Malgus' leash at the time of the Sacking of Coruscant, as well as dueling Satele Shan (whom i believe was a Master at the time correct me if im wrong as opposed to a Knight when Malgus fought her), and her Master Dar'nala to a stalemate. Just 2cents to those who arent completely familiar with Baras.
You make a good point.

I realize that Darth Baras is pretty beast, but Malgus is just so... dominant. Yeah... that's the word! Malgus is kinda like the honey badger; he doesn't care!

But back to actual debating. I feel that it'd be close, but in the end Malgus can't lose.