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Actually that's precisely the reason why Huttball is my least favorite warzone, because most people turn it into a deathmatch and just kill everything in sight. How many times have you seen it when there's a bunch of people chasing some poor guy who is no position to help his team while the ballcarrier just merrily walks across the goal line? It happens in almost every Huttball match I play, and that's the reason why I don't like it. It's rare to get one of those really good and fun Huttball matches where people aren't just killing each other and rofl pulling people into fire traps for no reason. Occasionally though you do see the good Huttball match. Case in point, the other day there were two gunslingers who were positioned up on the rafters creating such and impenetrable defense that the opposing team couldn't venture even once into their side of the map. Or that assassin who keeps running ahead and getting open for passes so he can sprint to the line and score. Players knowing their roles and playing them well. So yeah, it can be fun when people do it right, unfortunately, 90% of the time that is not the case. Point is, it's like an exciting soccer game when it's not a deathmatch, and it's an annoying pointless kill and cc fest when it is.
I love Hutt Ball as a sniper for this. Even undergeared.