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11.29.2012 , 10:51 AM | #4
Copy-paste from another posting:

My Campaign/DG commando has:
Bonus Healing: 765.8
Aim: 2327
Power: 1076
Tech Power: 1298
Crit Rating: 71
Surge Rating: 288
Accuracy: 288

*With rakata aim stim and all raid buffs.

I mostly abandoned healing on my commando, but when he was a healer, the only change is 288 alacrity instead of accuracy. Even though my crit rating seems low, in heal spec with raid buffs, I still get a 35.22% crit chance.

You can by extra BH pieces to min-max your gear with +41 power mods and enhancements. And I prefer the PvP relics for static power boost.