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11.29.2012 , 10:02 AM | #108
I like the space mission. They're fun. I already got my sniper an imperial pilot helmet and chest. Takes a long time to grind out the commendations, so i'm happy we're getting new content. The reason a lot of people pick on space is because we all know what it COULD be. However, it was always advertised to be exactly what it is....a mini game rail shooter.
Just a few things that i'm reading that are somewhat unfair:

"This is the SSSP!!?!? Thanks Biofail!" - Really? No, it isn't and we all know it.

"You're wasting time/resources developing this!" - A free roaming space sim would have a dedicated team. This mini game can be easily expanded without taking resources from other aspects of the game. Relax.

"I hate this poor excuse for Star Fox, therefore, delete it from TOR!! grrrr rAgE!!" - Nobody is forcing anyone to play it. If its mere existence offends you, then you've got other problems I think.

I will admit that this PR "Heroic" garbage is a bit over the top. You got a fun mini game, Bioware, but don't try to spin it like you've created the best thing since JTL. It just makes for flame bait.
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