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1. Exploits. Even when we know about them, we certainly want to keep players from abusing these bugs before we are able to fix them.

thanks for the lol. If that were true the market wouldn't be flooded by mods,enh,armorings,hilts,barrels like it is now. Also, people are still abusing the bug because you still haven't fixed it! Pretty much ruined 1.4,1.5,and 1.6 because everyone is already geared out. Now we have nothing to farm for. You guys really dropped the ball on allowing people to abuse the system and get away with it. Should have banned all the players or at least removed all credits from all the abusers, but now that you let everyone get away with it they think they can do whatever they want in game with no consequences. That is becoming more evident with the other rules being broken especially in public chat channels.