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To start with,I agree 100% with poster "symke" (couldn't have said it better ). This isn't the first time I react on this
thread, so to stay polite I repeat ,I'm a SUBSCRIBER , and recipes missing in action ALWAYS AFTER RE:
1)not documented ( so before I realised something hit the fan....);3 or 4 blues and purples
2)documented:-Blue:-Redoubt Reinforced Fiber Belt
-Overkill Reinforced Fiber Belt
-Critical Rugged War Waistcord
-Overkill Rugged War Waistcord
-Redoubt Reinforced Armguards
-Redoubt Savant Bracers
-Purple:-Redoubt Synth Assault Belt
-Overkill Synth Assault Handgear
-Critical Assault Handgear
-General's Reinforced Fiber Belt
-Fervor Acolyte Sash
For some odd reason 2 recipes stayed ON the list :-Critical Acolyte Sash(Blue)
-Critical Reinforced Fiber Boots(Blue)
In the game I am a Jedi-Knight. Originally I took as craft-profession Armortech what I changed very quickly to Synthweaving.Other 2 professions(Archeology+Underworld Trading)stayed from the beginning the same. I started
crafting with this Jedi Knight AFTER the release of patch 1.5 . I hope this is enough information . Let me point out that I have been very cousious in crafting (for obvious reasons)......So what the loss is for other people...........?