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haha, I can't stop making alts, my characters are
Roaric- 50 Trooper
Xathos-31 Bounty Hunter
Zar'oc-30 Sith Inquisitor
Vrael(used to be Raptor)-27 Smuggler
Blodgarm-25 Sith Warrior
Xy'zak-11 Trooper
Jodocus-30 Imperial Agent
Shavek-15 Imperial Agent
Isaiah-12 Jedi Consular
Skriilex-15 Imperial Agent
and I have twomore but I forget their names :P

My favorite storyline SO FAR would have to be bounty hunter, trooper act 1 was good then it got boring. and SI storyline is a little to ghost wired force power for me... that's my two cents
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