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Darth Malgus there is no debate to it.

The wrath beat baras by himself and it takes 4 of the empires champions to take down darth malgus.
That's a decent point, but I don't like these in-game comparisons. Let's looka t what you're saying:
It took 4 fully leveled players to beat Malgus, whereas it only to 1 to beat Baras

You logic would imply other things:
Say you're fighting Bengel Morr in the JK's storyline at lvl 10. You beat him. Right after that - you travel to Corellia and you take on a lvl 45 droid. That droid is gonna kick you butt! Does this mean that the droid is supposed to be more powerful canonically then Bengel Morr (who's a Jedi)? No. It's just how the leveling in the game works.