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Thankyou! I'll be sure to check out those videos.

The single saber appearance is a bug that occurs with the new Cartel Market Saber.
Also, on the topic currently in discussion in this thread... Shadow Tanks need to be nerfed, (take it from 2 shadows), along with a few other class/spec combinations that are a little on the powerful side.

IMO: Commando DPS needs some mobility buffs, Scrapper needs a slight damage buff to keep it at the level of Infiltration.
I agree after strictly only playing tank spec variations (only run it for rateds now) I have been running deception or madness for some time now and I can admit that the tank spec could use a nerf damage wise. I am just worried that in doing so assassin could be a spec not wanted for rateds. Maybe lower the damage to dark charge but give us some armor back or something.