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On Imperial side Taris is ok, but on Republic side i cannot stand Taris, I hate it sooooo much on Rep. And the main reason is Rakghouls. The republics start you out early on escalating kill missions. By this i mean in Coruscant there are a lot of kill 15 black sun then kill 45 black sun. Ord Mantell has you killing 50 of them in the stronghold. Even though you will kill 50 just to get to the objectives, 50 is still a rediculous amount.

But back to Taris...i actually added up the number of Rakghouls you had to kill for all mission objectives. Regular bonus objectives, bonus series and so on. It wasnt even an estimate...i had done Taris so many times on my Rep toons that i had every mission memorized at the time i did the count which was a few months ago. I came up with like 400 something Rakghouls that you had to kill. Like i said i did the count 4 months ago when i knew exactly how many i had to kill and i had a accurate number. But now i just know it was above 400...or maybe above 200, but i'm pretty sure it was 400 something.
I'm not really a noob...