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I appreciate the support. I am now back and shall continue this story.

Entry #45

Fashion Sense

So my master might have found out that I have used the Jedi Library for "less than respectable" research.

But it's not like I did anything bad, it was an honest mistake really. I wanted to learn more about the world like any wise Padawan should, so I decided to study up on fashion. And it just so happens that I stumbled upon these rather small, frilly robes that women wear.

There's nothing wrong with that right? I mean a Padawan should be able to learn about stuff like that, it's not like I'm a kid or anything. And what's the worse that can happen?

Well my master decided that I could not control my "baser instincts" or whatever, then forced me to do some more meditation.

I'm glad he didn't find out what I was meditating about.....

Entry #51

Please Don't Crush Me

I finally worked up the courage to tell Janace about the "vision" I had about her. She (surprisingly) didn't lash out at me, instead she chuckled and said "Oh, you made me think it was something serious." I guess I might have been worried for nothing, but it's also quite eerie how calm and cool and she always comes off as.

Maybe it's because I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, which is something my Master warned me about. "Emotions are the pathway to the mind" or something or another. He always seems to have a phrase ready for everything, I swear he premeditates this stuff.

But that aside, the "vision" made me realize that maybe I've been spending TOO much time with Janace. What if it's gotten to the point where she thinks I have a crush on her!? She's right to an extent but, I don't want her to know that! I refuse to let the first girl I like turn me down!

Maybe if I tell her that we should take some time off for about...... I don't know maybe a week at most, then that'll be enough time for her to forget her assumptions about me.

There's no way this can fail!

Entry #58

Line Of Sight

I remember back when Janace barely even noticed me, and I would always notice her. But now that she has started noticing me, she can't stop noticing me!

Everywhere I go she's always there! I already told her a week ago that we should take a "break." Maybe she thought I meant strictly instruction, in that case I can see the misunderstanding, if I had been more clear than maybe this wouldn't be happening.

It's like the Temple is the size of a Hutt house now. An albeit small, skinny, Hutt house, if those exist. I've seen her in the Mess Hall, in the Library, on my way to my chambers, heck I've even seen her IN my chambers, dropping off a book to "help me refine my Soresu."

Maybe I'm overreacting, but I consider myself to be a very social person (more so than I should) but there are more moments out of the day where I wish to be alone than be accompanied with someone, even if that person is Janace.

If anything, our brief time away showed me that all my feelings simply came about because I was around her constantly, and that I WAS becoming a little too attached.

So that master was right?

Either way, if I walk down another corridor (that I could have sworn was completely empty) and see her pop out of The Force knows where, I might have to take a long vacation in my meditation chambers.

Davin - 1 Force - 1

Entry #61

A Good Knight

My Master sat me down and talked to me about my current status as a Padawan. He told me that I have potential, but I need to have more focus.

I then admittedly blanked out for a few sentences (my master's voice is so monotone) and then realized that he was beginning to mention the Jedi Trials. I immediately asked him if I was ready, to which he quickly replied "No." I really should have saw that coming.

Despite that however, he did mention to me some Padawans who were up for discussion. Some I knew, some I have never heard of in my life, but my heart skipped a beat when Janace's name came up.

I knew she was a terrific Padawan, but there have been terrible stories surrounding the Jedi Trials. Hopefully if she is selected to go about them, she'll come back in one peace.


Entry #79

Trial And Error

My master has been surprisingly drilling me on lightsaber combat a lot lately. It's almost as if he's doing it as a sense of urgency, like he's running out of time or something. I didn't think too much about it however, as I did manage to impress him on several occasions thanks to the tutoring of Janace.

My master said that I was well on my way, but he didn't say to what. I don't know if that means "well on my way to Knighthood" or "well on my way to actually being decent." Both of which I wouldn't mind.

Later Janace wanted to talk to me, she seemed really excited, then proceeded to tell me that she was given permission by the Council to undergo her trials. I had completely forgot that she was even nominated, and I was just as surprised as she was that she was allowed to do it.

Although we were both really happy, we were also sad too. A lot of things can happen to a Padawan during the Trials, so she insisted that me and her train together seriously until the day of her Trial. That way the training with her master, along with her additional training with me will surely prepare her.

But she made it seem as if I never tried against her before......
To Be Continued.....
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