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The Corusant Security Force is a police/paramilitary force charged with regular patrol of Galactic City, criminal investigations, counter-terrorism an counter-intelligence operations, crowd control, diplomatic protection, maintaining the world's skylanes and in some cases military protection of Corusant. It is headed by the Chief of Security (currently Captain Winborn). It is further divided in:
Special Weapons Team is a specialized rapid response, bomb disposal and tactical entry units for the CSF
The Anti-Terrorism Unit preforms counter-intelligence work and combats terrorism networks on Corusant
The Organised Crime Unit countered complex criminal organisations that proved to be far more a treath then small time crimes.
Traffic Division monitors the skylanes and enforce speed limits and other traffic laws
The Forensic Unit handled all evidence collected
There where several Corusant Police traing academy's
The Customs Enforcement Division preformed custom duty's
Corusant Control is the space traffic central control for CSF and monitors space traffic coming in or out of Corusant, Orbital Security Stations call Control to report in.
Corusant Security Force Dispatch is the dispatch and central communication system for CSF
CSF also maintained the Corusant Security Force Database which is comprehensive
Corusant Security Force Headquarters is the base of operation where CSF's commanders have there offices, also are there offices and briefing rooms for the Anti-terrorism Unit, Organised Crime Unit and the Chief of Detectives(he commands all detectives and hands out assignments). There is also a Corusant Security Force Divisional Headquarters in Quadrant A-89 where the Forensic Unit operates a morgue, and there was a second Corusant Security Force Divisional Headquarters (location unknown)