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11.29.2012 , 03:58 AM | #1
1.4.3 Patch Notes
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
A potential method for Imperial players to reach Anchorhead on Tatooine has been corrected.
Corrected an issue that allowed imperial players on PvP servers to implement their own PvP raids for fun due to lack of PvP content in SW:TOR.

IMO they should just take out the exhaustion zones leading to both spaceports on Tatooine and maybe even allow opposite fractions to travel to each others area on Corellia. With so many post about lack of PvP I feel this was a step in the wrong direction. Bad enough we can't fight in Voss-Ka any longer.
How hard would it be to implement getting commendations for player kills. Obviously you get nothing for killing grays and if you kill the same player within a certain amount of time. Easy temporary fix.